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is a cheater !!

This Picture depicts the one who is termed as a CHEATER in regard to all the cheat codes he has applied in his life. From Cheating family business to building his own empire is one hell of a story.

What makes him a cheater?

Unlike the traditional Cheaters, Rahul took his cheating skills to a new level and polished his marketing skills which are now absolutely refined and interesting. Since, not all have the fortune to understand his skills because they are the ones that are self made and well tested. He does not go by what everyone else is doing as he has his own hacks,tricks and ways to make business strategies that are a hard nut to crack.

Not to forget his partner in Crime PABLO who is one naughty creature and has already made Rahul’s life a ruckus, meanwhile Rahul is struggling to find a cheat code to get out of this, we wish him all the luck / We shall keep you posted on how it went.

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